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​Horse Boarding

At Casa Del Sol Equine Boarding Stable, we offer professional horse boarding for your beloved mares, foals, and stallions. We are animal lovers ourselves and understand the needs of your galloping friends. Our horse stables are clean and spacious and we take great pride in the horse care services we offer in the Lubbock, TX area.

When you drop off your loyal steed at our horse stable, we ensure the best service. This includes daily walks, social interactions, and lots of petting and love. What makes our horse care stand out among others, is that we provide a lot of land for your horses to gallop along to get his or her daily exercise. We don’t believe in keeping them cooped up in a stable all day, for they need to release built up energy and have a little fun too!

If you’re only going to be gone for a day or so, we provide over night travel boarding to ensure that your horse receives his or her daily feedings, exercise, and love for the day. Whether you need us to care for your horse for a day or a week, you can bet that we are the most loving, compassionate boarding service around.

Please contact Casa Del Sol Equine Boarding Stable in Lubbock, TX, in advance to ensure we can have a spot for your beautiful horse! We offer horse boarding and a pasture horse service.