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​Horseback Riding Lessons

If you’ve ever thought about learning to horseback ride, whether for your own pleasure or to get a head start in the basics of competitive equestrian, Casa Del Sol Equine Boarding Stable is a great place to develop your horse training skills.

For countless years, our horse boarding stable and company has provided residents in Lubbock, TX the building blocks of proper horseback riding lessons and safety tips. As simple as it may seem, professional horseback riding can be a dangerous sport if not correctly handled. With the expertise of our skilled instructors, we will be able to give you the tools and knowledge of basic horseback riding to more advanced riding lessons.

With years of riding and horse handling proficiency, our instructors are top of the line trainers to provide you with appropriate horse training to make you the best rider you can be. Administering how to safely handle your horse in certain situations to understanding the personality of your horse, you will be well-equipped with the understandings and skills of a professional rider. Soon enough, you will be able to ride like a pro!

Come broaden your talents with exceptional horseback riding lessons at the most reputable academy in Lubbock, TX. Call Casa Del Sol Equine Boarding Stable today at (806) 559-6905 for more information on our riding, horse feeding and full care horse service.