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Lighted Arena

A horse riding arena like ours at Casa Del Sol Equine Boarding Stable is the perfect place for those looking to get their horses into action. This can be for sport or just to learn a new horse riding skill. With our specialists in horse training as well as a pasture horse service, Casa Del Sol Equine Boarding Stable can give you the best experience when coming to our facilities with your equine companion.

We have overnight horse stables for those who own horses but do not have the room to keep them at home. This gives the horses a great shelter on a property full of horse lovers and trainers. You need not worry that your horse is in an uncomfortable place as we treat all horses with the love and care they deserve. We provide basic horse care and horse exercise for our boarded guests.

To visit our lighted arena, contact Casa Del Sol Equine Boarding Stable in Lubbock, TX today.